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Customer Testimonials

  • “Over the last 10 years, our district has built a great partnership with Gravity Gaming by ByteSpeed. We recently purchased 6 Gravity Gaming PCs with the Oculus Rift VR for our High School STEM lab, which also enabled us to start an esports club. Our kids love the Gravity Gaming machines the best because they run our games so much better. We have a wide range of students participating in our esports club, with players ranging from 9th through 12th grade. It’s awesome to see these students, who typically don’t play other sports, work as a team and talk to other players. They encourage and help each other learn. We’ve had several students step up and become leaders. We have a couple teachers say they are shocked how some students talk about esports, because normally they are so shy and don’t talk much. We look forward to working with the great staff at ByteSpeed/Gravity gaming to purchase gaming chairs and other gaming items for our esports team.”

    Chris Kuntzman Taylorville CUSD #3, Taylorville, IL
  • “Name brand hardware, great technical support, and personal service from good people. I have used their hardware for my classroom, VR, and esports for many years.”

    Zach Gilbert Normal, IL
  • “Working with Gravity Gaming by ByteSpeed has been top notch. We could never have gotten that great of customer service, creative customization options, or help with creating team jerseys from a big chain company.”

    University of Jamestown Esports, Jamestown, ND
  • “Working with Gravity Gaming by ByteSpeed has been awesome! They care about the customer and add the personal feel to customer service. Our esports program has taken a huge step forward working with their help. It is a blessing that we locked in a partnership with such GREAT people!”

    Kris Weissmann Director of Student Life and Esports, University of South Carolina Sumter
  • "ByteSpeed has rarely led me astray. From NUCs and mini PCs all the way up to enterprise-grade servers, it's the brand about which we are most likely to say "oh yeah, that's still running." As an IT director, there's no higher compliment I can give."

    Matt Bartenhagen Director Of Technical Operations, Williston Public School District #1
  • “ByteSpeed has great products, great service, and great people.  It's a total win-win, and I am honored to be able to work with John Tupa and Bytespeed.”

    Rob DeMeuse Mauston School District, Mauston, WI
  • "Without a doubt, ByteSpeed support is #1. While we purchase only ByteSpeed servers in our district now, we have purchased servers from other companies in the past. As important as price is, they consistently give us a great deal on servers. If we run into any issues at all, their support team is quick to respond and are always able to resolve the problem for us. Getting price quotes is so painless with ByteSpeed. I ask for a quote and I receive it quickly without being hassled or pressured into purchasing. ByteSpeed is an all-around fantastic company to work with!"

    Chuck Whiteley III IT Manager, Central Point School District 6, Oregon
  • "Channelview ISD has been working with ByteSpeed for a few years now. After dealing with headaches from other vendors for years, we tested one of their NUCs out and were impressed by its performance, especially at that price. Then we heard about the 5 year warranty and were sold. Since then, we purchase all ByteSpeed NUCs for our teacher and student desktops and plan to continue that in the future. ByteSpeed not only delivers on hardware and variety, but their customer service is top notch. You get a real live person on the phone when you call and we have developed relationships with several people there, which is often missing in other vendors. ByteSpeed, along with the NUCs, has helped us to be able to regularly replace machines to keep students and teachers up to date with their equipment and we couldn't be happier about it."

    Darrell Cheney Director of Technology, Channelview ISD, Channelview, TX
  • “Without a doubt, ByteSpeed support is #1.  While we purchase only ByteSpeed servers in our district now, we have purchased servers from other companies in the past.  As important as price is, they consistently give us a great deal on servers. If we run into any issues at all, their support team is quick to respond and are always able to resolve the problem for us. Getting price quotes is so painless with ByteSpeed. I ask for a quote and I receive it quickly without being hassled or pressured into purchasing.  ByteSpeed is an all-around fantastic company to work with!”

    Chuck Whiteley III IT Manager, Central Point School District 6, Central Point, OR
  • "We made the decision to go with ByteSpeed because I really enjoy working with your company and you will bend over backwards to help us and make sure we are happy with our purchase! So thank you!"

    Angie Aaseth NRHEG Technology Coordinator, NRHEG School District, New Richland, MN
  • "We’ve been with ByteSpeed for more than six years, and could not possibly be happier. ByteSpeed sells high quality products that have performed admirably for us. Also, their support and customer service is truly outstanding. Their staff is always helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous, which means a lot to us. As a Technology Coordinator for a school district, I can say that their 5-year warranty on PCs is not the norm for the computer industry, but it sure makes my job a lot easier. We are very satisfied with our relationship with ByteSpeed. I highly recommend them, and give them the highest rating possible!"

    Dusty Malena Technology Coordinator, Booneville School District, Booneville, AR
  • “We found purchasing the VR bundle of ByteSpeed VR-ready computers, Virtual Reality headsets, and ByteSpeed Professional Development to be one of the greatest purchase decisions we have made to add to our technology setup. The sales staff and technical support have been very responsive and knowledgeable. The onsite PD training for staff was invaluable. Teachers came away from the training fired up and ready to implement VR into their curriculum. We have utilized these machines for VR, especially in the middle grades into high school. Personally, as a teacher, I have used the machines to also run game-making websites and downloads, and the robustness of the desktops handles this without issue.”

    Lori Rabenberg Technology Coordinator, Britton-Hecla School District, Britton, SD
  • “Sisseton School District has been working with ByteSpeed for many years. We have purchased laptops and desktops from them. The computers have worked great for our staff and students. When we have had an issue, the service department is great to work with. A call or an email gets you connected to someone who works the process with you. My students have also toured ByteSpeed’s facility and we have developed a connection with them. I also attended a Virtual Reality Showcase. ByteSpeed’s Virtual Reality Solution is focused on education, and provides Professional Development training with the implementation of the Virtual Reality hardware. State and federal standards (such as science, math, reading, or social studies) are the focus of integrating VR technology into the classroom. After attending ByteSpeed’s Virtual Reality Showcase, our school district purchased seven VR setups that we currently use in a lab setting. Our focus is on the STEM standards and we are currently using the free VR apps to start integrating the systems into more classes. The students have loved this addition to our curriculum.”

    Janelle Gregg Computers-AV/IT/STEM, Sisseton School District, Sisseton, SD
  • "I have been working with ByteSpeed since 2008. They have wonderful technical support and customer service. If you have a question they will help out in any way they can to resolve the problem. If you are looking for any kind of equipment and ByteSpeed may not carry what you are looking for, email and ask them. They have a wonderful sales team and will go and look for what you need and get you the best price. I will be using ByteSpeed for a very long time."

    Jory Schmidt Technology Coordinator, Highmore-Harrold School District, Highmore, SD
  • In the past seven years I have dealt with ByteSpeed, I have never been disappointed. ByteSpeed machines are rock solid – these days it is rare to find a company that offers such an excellent selection of quality devices as well as customization for every single part that goes into a computer. And all of this with no added cost for the service.   Your engineers are professional, knowledgeable, and are not cave dwellers that refuse to have any contact with customers.   These are all wonderful qualities for a company to possess. In my opinion, they are not the peak of your excellence. That lies in the customer service that you live with every single interaction. No automated phone systems telling me to “press 1 for English” and then another 50 buttons in order to navigate to (usually) a recording. You have real people answering these calls – and it MATTERS! You make recommendations without pushing any particular product or sales item – also an amazing service that is now virtually extinct in the business world.  In every interaction I have had with ByteSpeed, I have been left with the impression that your staff works to the very best of their abilities for every single issue and every single customer – whether that customer is a little old lady or a conglomerate that has offices on six continents.  The very fact that you provide a 5-year warranty on desktops speaks volumes. And lifetime support? That is unheard of in this age! ByteSpeed is definitely a 5-star operation! Thank you for proving that this quality still exists somewhere!

    Michael Foley Network & Server Administrator, Memorial Hospital of Converse County, Douglas, WY
  • “ByteSpeed’s custom bulk packaging option is spectacular! Not only is there less waste, but it is much easier to get to the equipment. We would rather have that type of packaging for all my orders. Thanks so much!”

    Tess Hill Technology Coordinator, Switzerland of Ohio School District, Woodsfield, OH
  • "Every time I call Tech Support, I get excellent service. I think it was Kevin I spoke to today and even though the problem was with the operating system not the computer, he was friendly and helpful. It is so nice to be able to have tech help even when we've had the computer for over a year and for the calls to be free from stress (and free from automated answering services). Often, I feel like I should apologize for my lack of tech knowledge, but not when I call ByteSpeed. I hope the company's business practices never change from these good things."

    Jill Hames Director, James L. Hamner Public Library, Amelia, VA
  • "Kudos to everyone at ByteSpeed - from the phone receptionist, to the techs, to the repair personnel! Of all the companies I've dealt with throughout the years, especially those dealing with computers and other electronic devices, I have never been more satisfied and treated with such courtesy and professionalism than I have with the ByteSpeed team. You always provide me with the same respect that you would a client from a large, multi-unit company. Thank you so much. All of you are a rarity of civility in today's world. THANK YOU!"  

    Jeanne Larsen AR
  • "If you are in the market for a new computer, you’ll want to check out ByteSpeed. Their in-house support team is available to assist you anytime you need help. They do not have people from another country trying to help you that you can't understand, and try to sell you more products. I have had excellent help throughout the last three years. They will walk you through issues, or offer remote assistance until your problem is solved. I am very happy working with ByteSpeed."

    Sherry Renner SD
  • "I buy all my computer-related products from ByteSpeed and have never had any issues. Whenever I need something I call ByteSpeed and they give me the best price and we get the products fast.  I would highly recommend them. The product is great. The service is excellent. I can honestly say that I am 100% SATISFIED!"

    David Brost Sales, Brost Chevrolet, Crookston, MN
  • "ByteSpeed has been one of the most professional vendors that I have had the pleasure of working with in the last 10 years as a business teacher, technology director, and superintendent/principal. The sales personnel are very knowledgeable about their products and the technical support and turn around time is very customer service oriented. I have never had a bad experience with ByteSpeed, and would recommend them to any of my colleagues for future purchases."

    Patrick Goff Superintendent/Principal, PR2TA, Emmett, ID
  • "I have been a tech coordinator working for 10 school districts for over 15 years in Eastern NM, and one of the main challenges is finding a product that is reliable and is backed by a great service department that can be reached every time with a quick phone call.  The computers we have purchased from ByteSpeed have always exceeded our expectations.  We know when we receive a computer built by ByteSpeed, they will arrive with a totally clean operating system with no unwanted, pre-installed programs.  We very seldom need to use the 5-year warranty that comes with each desktop, but when we do, we are able to talk to tech support within the first few minutes, and if parts are required they are sent immediately with no questions asked.  We don’t usually look at any other brand when purchasing new machines because we know the product we receive from ByteSpeed will inevitably be what we will be ordering. Thank you for making the job we do, and the decisions we have to make, so much easier. Keep up the good work!  ByteSpeed is a great example of a quality American Company."

    Rusty Rucker Technology Coordinator, REC #6, Portales, NM
  • I am just truly impressed with the great service and support we get from the folks at ByteSpeed. I don't honestly think in all of the years I've been working in customer service fields I've received such wonderful service!

    Marc Stakey Technology Coordinator, Bellefontaine City Schools, Bellefontaine, OH
  • Last May, Anderson School District One began replacing outdated lab computers across the district.  Because of the number of computers we were purchasing we put it out for bid.  One of the competitors was ByteSpeed Computers.   Their pricing was very competitive and the purchase price included a spare parts closet and 5 spare computers.  As a part of the evaluation process my superintendent and I contacted school districts across the country for references.  The references were impeccable and consistent from every district from both superintendents and technology directors.  Their comments indicated that the computers are dependable and stable, and that the company is very responsive to any issues.  More than one responder indicated that ByteSpeed Computers just want their customers to be happy and satisfied with their product. ByteSpeed won that bid for 420 computers and another bid the following November for 600 computers. We have found that the reviews were accurate and we have been very pleased with the ByteSpeed products.

    Andria Hancock Retired Director of Technology, Anderson School District #1, Williamston, SC
  • "We are a very small critical access hospital with limited staff and funding.  When faced with a management decision to move the hospital from a limited financial management system to a full Electronic Medical Records system I had to find a way to quadruple the number of deployed desktops within reasonable time and cost limits.  After considerable due diligence research I found ByteSpeed was the lowest cost supplier.  In addition, ByteSpeed offered to ship all desktops configured to my specifications and with our standard suite of software installed.  They sent one desktop right away for configuration.  ByteSpeed computers are not loaded with junk ware so it was only necessary to install our standard suite of software and configure the software and add a user with admin rights.  I returned the configured hard drive to ByteSpeed for their use as the master image for future orders.  Then over several months I ordered 5 desktops at a time as funding and install time became available, until deployment was complete.  With the new desktops already configured installation was very quick and easy.  Support we have received from ByteSpeed on our desktops has been FAR BETTER than support we received from previous suppliers, and there has been very little support needed.  I have recommended ByteSpeed to several others and I will continue to do so."

    Terry Chapman IT Consultant, Niobrara Health & Life Center, Lusk, WY
  • "Payson Unified School District jumped into the 21st Century in a big way - all in about two years. One of the many projects accomplished was to bring a powerful desktop to all our teachers that would handle all their needs and peripherals. Being a Microsoft and Google house, we filled their Google need with Chromebooks and their classroom desktop need through Bytespeed.  We went out to bid and were extremely impressed with not only the cost of their computers, but with the level of name-brand components (of critical importance to us).  Nearly 300 PCs later, we can also express our immense satisfaction with the level of service and support from Bytespeed. I would not hesitate to recommend them to my colleagues - and have!  Excellent product, excellent support, excellent service!"

    Joni de Szendeffy Retired Director of Information Technology, Payson Unified School District, Payson, AZ
  • "Our school district uses ByteSpeed products exclusively and will continue to work with them.  Their products, support, and service are second to none.  Customers are treated as the priority, and with a superior product, using ByteSpeed for our computing needs is a no-brainer!"

    Marty Petrosky Technology Director, Shanksville Stonycreek School District, Friedens, PA
  • "ByteSpeed has always provided excellent service and I value their expertise.  I appreciate how they strive to provide solutions.  ByteSpeed and John Tupa have certainly worked in a manner to gain my utmost respect and trust."

    Greg Ponder IT Coordinator, Colquitt County Schools, Moultrie, GA
  • "My predecessor was purchasing ByteSpeed computers and servers before I was appointed to the position. I had not heard of the brand prior to working at the hospital, but since then I have continued to purchase ByteSpeed computers and have now started purchasing laptops from ByteSpeed. Their support is top notch and I have never dealt with friendlier people for sales and/or support. There are rarely problems but if they do occur, they are handled quickly without hassles or questions. I have even added NUCs to the lineup of ByteSpeed products for message boards throughout the hospital. Their reliability has been flawless and compared to the name brand machines they replace, are much friendlier and not preloaded with useless junkware that has to be removed. When IT installs a ByteSpeed workstation, we are confident the job is done and the user is taken care of."

    Michael Gaskins IT Director, Lincoln Community Hospital and Care Center, Hugo, CO
  • "Conway Public Schools has been purchasing computers from Bytespeed for over 5 years now.  Then we were looking for a dependable go-to desktop computer for the district.  Five years later, and Bytespeed is still our go-to. The first thing we liked about Bytespeed computers is the fact that the computers are built with great quality components and not cheap parts.  Price point is also very important for us as a public school district. We insist on being a good steward of the taxpayer’s money and Bytespeed computers are a good value.  The sales team is always very available and very helpful.  The computers ship very quickly and we always receive them promptly. However, the best thing about Bytespeed computers is the support.  The computers have a 5 year standard warranty that comes with an on-site parts store.  If a power supply fails, we can pull one from the shelf and have the machine repaired and back online immediately instead of shipping the computer off and getting it back two weeks later.  After the computer has been repaired, we then complete the RMA process and get the faulty power supply replaced.  The RMA process, by the way, is very quick and easy as well. Overall, the experience of the Conway Public School District with Bytespeed computers has been a very positive one.  We will continue to outfit our fleet of computers with Bytespeed."

    Joel Dean Technology Coordinator, Conway School District, Conway, AR
  • "Through the progression of my career, I have worked with many different vendors and computer manufacturers. In that time, I have not had the joy to work with a company such as Bytespeed where they value customer service, craftsmanship, and are purely educationally driven. Their continued drive to bring the absolute best product to the educational sector helps push our district closer to meeting our goals. Keeping the fleet running nearly 100% of the time is much easier with their replacement part process. We spend less time working on hardware, and more time working with teachers and students. Keep up the good work!"

    Nick Kysely Director of Instructional Technology, Wilmot Union High School, Wilmot, WI
  • "ByteSpeed has been a great asset to CCRI in their knowledge of the different products and quick responsiveness to our questions/quotes. ByteSpeed has been great to work with as well as the great support people that BytesSpeed has, they all go beyond what one would expect. Nice and handy that ByteSpeed is our neighbor so we get a quick turnaround on product/support."

    Mark Forness IT Manager, CCRI Inc., Moorhead, MN
  • "I opened up my Chromebooks yesterday and they instantly connected to our network. I didn't have to do anything other then take them out of the box. You are the first white glove service that actually worked as intended! Thanks again ByteSpeed!"

    John Arkley Tech Coordinator, Southern Local Schools, Corning, OH
  • "I couldn’t be happier with the service you have provided. My only gripe would be the day we move towards VDI although all the thin client purchases would be strictly through you. You all are the best and I believe the whole lot of you enjoy what you do and it shows in the way you provide service to your customers. Who are the other guys, hmmm, can’t remember any other pc vendors…must be because you guys ROCK!!!"  

    Aniceto Ron Information Systems Officer & Network Administrator, Lakeside Bank, Chicago, IL
  • "ByteSpeed always provides great customer service, excellent order processing and wonderful technical support.  We have been purchasing hardware from them for years and have always been provided an excellent experience from start to finish."

    Jason Ricci IS Manager, Johns Eastern Company, Inc., Lakewood Ranch, FL
  • "ByteSpeed has worked with us to develop several variations of their basic models, and the individual attention from the sales and tech support staff is great. I know that when I call back, I'll talk to the same rep I did the first time, and he'll always know the issues without my having to repeat them again for yet another minimally-trained entry-level rep. What few problems we've seen have been quickly diagnosed and fixed. The quality is excellent, and ByteSpeed selects their components with both the end-user and the service technician in mind."

    Jim Ingram NE
  • "I have been very impressed with ByteSpeed's computers since my first purchase for our Industrial Technology Department (PLTW). Since that time I have purchased more units and each one has performed great. I love the five-year warranty, free imaging, depot shipping, and the friendly sales staff. I highly recommend both their computers and more importantly their people!"

    Aron Leeper Former Director of Technology, Argos Community Schools, Argos, IN
  • "I've never gotten any quotes from the "other guys," and I have no plans at this point on getting any. This is our 5th year purchasing computers from ByteSpeed. I'm very satisfied with ByteSpeed's computers and tech support. They have always been very helpful and willing to make things right. ByteSpeed's dedication to customer service is exceptional. They always put the customer first, and I appreciate the extra effort always put into making us happy."

    Joe Homerski Former IT Personnel, Northern Cambria School District, Northern Cambria, PA
  • "ByteSpeed has never failed to satisfy and receives my highest endorsement. I confidently recommend ByteSpeed. You won't be disappointed."

    Ken Young Former Director of Technology, Aberdeen School District, Aberdeen, SD
  • "With so many larger companies using international tech support, it is nice to find a company who is still a good ole' American company with Midwestern values. They stand behind their products and their goal is to make the customer happy...They are a hidden secret that is hopefully spreading."

    Tami Sukup Former District Technologist, Missouri Valley Community Schools, Missouri Valley, IA
  • “We have been using ByteSpeed for more than five years and we could not be happier. ByteSpeed provides excellent pre-sales support to make sure we get the right configuration for our specific needs. Post-sales support is awesome as well. On the rare occasion that we need technical support, we always get fast and accurate answers from someone who knows who we are and cares about our needs. In a K-12 environment, ByteSpeed provides the entire package.”

    Vince Humes Director of Innovative Technology Solutions, Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit, Edinboro, PA
  • “ByteSpeed has continually proven to be a valued partner in providing flexible and reliable technology solutions to our organization. I would never hesitate to recommend their products. Their quotes are fast and on target, support is responsive and they always stand behind their products with a ‘can’t be beat’ 5-year warranty.”

    Rick Kelly Director of Technology, Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit, Edinboro, PA
  • "Excellent service, quality products, timely dependable tech support, and customer service are the cornerstones of good business. Not only does ByteSpeed talk the talk, they walk the walk and deliver on these promises. Our school district has been a customer for many years, and I am always amazed with how well we are treated by the ByteSpeed community. Keep up the good work."

    Mike Stewart Former Technology Coordinator, Mt. Angel School District, Mt. Angel, OR
  • “We’ve been purchasing from ByteSpeed for 10 years, and have standardized our desktop computers with ByteSpeed. Here are several reasons why we have chosen and standardized with ByteSpeed: 1) Their computers are built on Intel technology; 2) 5-year parts replacement warranty; 3) cost fits into our district wide computer budget; 4) you get to talk with a live person either in sales or tech support with quick response times; 5) custom configurations and/or Intel hardware updates, often with minimal or no additional charges; 6) the time between order placed to receiving product (depending on quantity shipped) is typically within a week. As long as ByteSpeed continues doing business as they do, we will remain a devoted customer.”

    Lynn Smith Former Lead Network/Technology Specialist, Lincoln County School District, Newport, OR
  • “When we first heard about ByteSpeed, we at that time worked with a popular computer company. I can’t say I wasn’t at least a little skeptical. I am a believer now! You’d have trouble getting me to change back to the vendor we used before. ByteSpeed quickly assured me that we would be taken care of. We receive fast, friendly service each and every time there’s a question or an order. It is very rare that hardware issues come up. We’ve only had to order replacement parts one time and the part arrived the next day and the tech support was awesome! We have enjoyed working with Bytespeed computers. They are built sound and their customer service is more than we could’ve ever hoped for!”

    Emma McGuern System Administrator, Minidoka Memorial Hospital, Rupert, ID
  • “I can’t say enough good things about my experience with ByteSpeed. It is great having a representative that I can always get in touch with and who is knowledgeable about the product. Their ‘try before you buy’ program was great considering they were a new company to me, but I will never worry about the quality of their products again since they have more than exceeded my expectations. Since my first purchase of computers a few years ago, I have not hesitated to return each year for more. What few issues I have encountered have been dealt with quickly and efficiently through their technical support team without wasting my time jumping through hoops as other larger name companies make me do. You will not regret purchasing from ByteSpeed if support is important to you, because you will not find any better support system anywhere, not to mention they are in the USA. Need I say more?”

    Eddie Brunswick Technology Director, TCAT-Newbern, Newbern, TN
  • “We chose ByteSpeed as our vendor for several reasons. The first and most impressive thing about dealing with ByteSpeed is the product. Our students love the ease and portability of the product and our staff and administration are pleased with the durability of the computers. Having said that, the one thing that I come back to time and time again is the friendly and helpful attitude of their people. I highly recommend ByteSpeed.”

    Craig McVay Former Superintendent, Roff Public Schools, Roff, OK
  • “The entire ByteSpeed team has always been responsive to our computing needs, is available to answer any of our questions, and has provided quality products at an affordable price. I’ve been purchasing computer and related technology products for over 20 years. By far, ByteSpeed is the best company I’ve had the pleasure to work with.”

    Jeff Sisk Former Technology Coordinator, Rural Technology Access Grant (RTAG), Hardeman County, TN
  • "Westville Schools has been using ByteSpeed computers for three years. We have nothing but good things to say about them. When I need a quote they are right there giving me options on configuring machines and they have always have the best price. I have used their tech support and their warranty a time or two and they always fix any problems. My sales rep truly seems to care about me - the customer. He has even taken the time to figure out a software problem I was having! I highly recommend ByteSpeed for all your computer needs.”

    Donna Willis Former Technology Coordinator, Westville Schools, Westville, OK
  • “I have been dealing with ByteSpeed now for almost 10 years and I can truly say they are a partner for education. It is refreshing to be able to go to my sales rep and listen. If I have a problem, it gets resolved. If I have a question, it gets answered. With a standard 5 year warranty on desktop computers and excellent price makes it hard for me to choose anybody else. ByteSpeed has impressed me so much that I am now buying servers and more with them. I can’t say enough positive things about them.”

    Corey Koltz Technology Director, CESA #5, Portage, WI
  • “ByteSpeed is the greatest! My sales rep bends over backwards to meet my needs. Their products are wonderful - I couldn't ask for a better computer with an excellent warranty and tech support. Their tech support is awesome! They will help me with my problems by walking me through step-by-step or just fixing it for me by sending the computer back to them no questions asked.”

    Janna Brotherton Tech Coordinator, Hollow Rock-Bruceton School District, Bruceton, TN
  • “Why do I buy all of my school’s computers from ByteSpeed? The answer is plain and simple: customer service. I have dealt with other computer manufactures and nobody has come close to the personal touch and customer service I receive from ByteSpeed. My time on the phone for either tech support or ordering parts is minimal, which helps me resolve issues quickly. The willingness on the part of ByteSpeed to take time to help with the education of our students during a factory tour is greatly appreciated by students and staff.”

    Dan Langbehn Former Tech Coordinator, DeSmet School District, DeSmet, SD
  • “I have done business with ByteSpeed for about 6 years. It takes a lot for a computer company to impress me as I have dealt with Dell, Gateway, and HP… but ByteSpeed has definitely impressed me. Their warranties are far above what the other companies offer. Their tech support is always courteous - you only have to wait a few seconds to talk to a technician. The few times I have had an issue with their product, it was immediately addressed. With ByteSpeed, you do not have to keep punching buttons to get to the right department. I highly recommend ByteSpeed to anyone who is looking for a high quality computer, with a great warranty and a good price.”

    Judy Tapp Technology Coordinator, Felt Public School, Felt, OK
  • “There are two main reasons I will always purchase ByteSpeed computers for both the Smackover School District and for my personal use: 1) In the six years I have worked on ByteSpeed computers, I have never failed to have a problem with a computer resolved quickly and successfully. 2) ByteSpeed’s tech support team is by far the best I’ve ever worked with. They quickly and professionally assist me and my technology staff with all of our computer related problems. ByteSpeed’s techs assist us first by phone with repair suggestions that we can do ourselves. This allows us to put the computer back into the classroom immediately. If the problem is more serious, ByteSpeed pays shipping and handling both ways. I usually have a UPS packing slip within an hour of my phone call and the repaired computer back in the classroom within two or three weeks. Of course, the competitive pricing of ByteSpeed computers is also a factor. It doesn’t matter how great the price of a new computer is if you can’t get warranty repair service done fast… then all you have is a headache and a computer that is out of service.”

    Dawn Lewis Former Technology Director, Smackover School District, Smackover, AR
  • “The Forrest City School District has made a major commitment to standardizing computers within the district. As part of this effort, the district researched many brands of computers, got feedback from neighboring schools, and worked with ByteSpeed directly to work out a program that allows continuity, solid tech support, and a product that is of excellent quality. ByteSpeed’s customer service, response to questions, and tech support have all exceeded desired standards. Their computers have been of high quality with the specifications to meet or exceed the needs for software that the district uses. Finally, since most all computers have the same basic components, the overriding element that determines which computer company we use is customer service and tech support. We have found ByteSpeed’s customer service - with a friendly and knowledgeable staff - to be excellent. Their tech support is timely and thorough. I don’t feel that the tech person I talk to is just going down a pre-ordained checklist. It is also important to our district that we can understand, and be understood by, the support team when we call for help. This is the case with ByteSpeed.”

    Tom Darnell Former Director of Technology, Forrest City Public Schools, Forrest City, AR
  • “ByteSpeed has always been there for us. We have been using them for around seven years. They are great to deal with. Always nice support staff as well – there are no menus to go through on the phone. Great products and I really like the new laptops. They always stand by their five year warranty. I strongly recommend them.”

    Todd Allee Former District Technologist, Lumberton School District, Lumberton, MS
  • “Having been responsible for technology purchases before becoming a school superintendent, I have always appreciated companies that stand behind their products and minimize support issues. As the customer I can specify configuration and shop for the best prices, but we often don't find out how a company performs in the area of support until we have made the purchase and need to make that first support call. ByteSpeed has good prices and often amazingly fast turnaround when purchasing equipment, but they really shine when it comes to customer support. They are fast, friendly and easy to work with. I have been buying almost exclusively from ByteSpeed for five or six years and do not plan on looking elsewhere. Good prices, fast service and solid support are hard to find in one place and ByteSpeed has been that place for me. As long as they take care of us like this, we will keep coming back to ByteSpeed with all of our technology needs.”

    Dan Faulkner Superintendent, Hooker Public Schools, Hooker, OK
  • “ByteSpeed is the kind of company that we love to work with. They are always responsive to our needs and work to stay within our budget. The systems and service they provide is exceptional. They are knowledgeable, helpful and offer only quality product. With their help, our employees are more productive and we can better meet the needs of our students, parents, and staff.”

    Sandy Ruthruff Former Technology - Information Specialist, North Mason School District, Belfair, WA
  • “I have bought computers for business and education for 12 years. I have seen the customer service offered by computer manufacturer fluctuate in quality. ByteSpeed has the best customer service of any computer manufacturer I have dealt with. Great prices, great customer service and technical support, plus a 5-year warranty included in the price are the reasons I have purchased ByteSpeed computers and servers. One last thing that needs to be highlighted - ByteSpeed’s server support is the absolute best I have ever experienced.”

    Joe Webb Technology Director, Uinta County School District #4, Mountain View, WY
  • “ByteSpeed has been an excellent technology partner for our school. Unlike other companies, they have been mindful of our small school and lack of funding and have done everything to make sure we have the computers we need to be competitive educators in the digital age. Their ‘try before you buy’ option is great and is a benefit that no one else offers. Our sales rep is constantly checking to make sure that our purchases are performing well. No other company has contacted us about purchases we have made other than to send us a bill. It gives me great peace of mind to know that ByteSpeed cares about their customers.”

    Joshua Wittie Tech Coordinator/Teacher, St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Hammond, LA
  • “ByteSpeed is one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. ByteSpeed has always done a quality job of supplying the computer needs of Colquitt County schools. I would recommend the ByteSpeed team to anyone wanting to form a lasting relationship with a trustworthy computer dealer.”

    Greg Ponder Network Engineer, Colquitt County School District, Colquitt County, GA
  • “The computers and other products we have bought from ByteSpeed have always been top quality and student durable. Their warranties and prompt, efficient service have made their products very cost effective for the needs of our district. Doing business with them has been a pleasure. ByteSpeed is an excellent company!”

    Wanda Cash Retired Superintendent of Instruction, Curriculum and Technology, Leflore County School District, Greenwood, MS
  • “I have been purchasing computers from ByteSpeed since 2004. I am very pleased with the decision I made to do business with ByteSpeed. I have been provided with excellent pricing and incredible support in addition to a five year warranty. Imagine calling tech support and actually speaking to a live tech in 10-20 seconds! I highly recommend doing business with ByteSpeed.”

    Warren P. Faust Former Technology Coordinator, Millville Area School District, Millville, PA
  • "Last year we purchased a classroom set of notebook computers from Bytespeed for a new mobile laptop computer lab we created for our school. The representatives at Bytespeed took the time to understand what we needed, and customized a quote at a competitive price to fit our needs. They sent us a demo and gave us plenty of time to test it and find out if it was what we were looking for. Even after the sale, representatives from Bytespeed took the time to follow up and make sure everything was working correctly. We have been very pleased with our relationship with Bytespeed, and plan to do business with them again in the future."

    Rod Jackson Former Principal, Grace Lutheran Church and School, Jacksonville, FL
  • “We’ve been using ByteSpeed for several years. We find their price competitive, especially with their five-year warranty. The quality of their equipment is exceptional, plus they provide customers with a parts closet so repairs can be immediate. There is never a hassle when parts do need to be replaced. Most important is their customer service and support. I have always talked to a live person and have never been put on hold for longer than it takes to transfer the call. The tech support staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend ByteSpeed to anyone who wishes to purchase quality equipment, with an outstanding guarantee, and exceptional service and support.”

    Rich Kasson Technology Director, Valmeyer Community Unit School District, Valmeyer, IL
  • “We have been purchasing our computers from ByteSpeed for five years. I love the fact that I have had the same rep the entire time. She is very familiar with my district and our needs - and has always been available to support us in a very timely manner. Each summer, the ByteSpeed staff delivers new computers to our district and works side-by-side with our staff to help set them up. This not only helps the district in terms of deployment of the computers, but it has also helped us to create a great working relationship with the staff at ByteSpeed. We feel like family. ByteSpeed gives us the best of both worlds - small enough to care and yet big enough to provide quality products and services at a great price. Many of our staff also make personal purchases from ByteSpeed.”

    Marcia Hartman Former Director of Technology, Bettendorf Community Schools, IA
  • “I have been extremely satisfied with ByteSpeed’s computer systems and service since my first purchase several years ago. The computer systems are of high quality and the sales staff is friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated to their customers. What stands out for me is the 5-year warranty, free imaging, and promptness of dealing with an issue when there is one. I would go nowhere else for my computer systems in our school district. I appreciate working with a company that puts the customer first.”

    Mark Branger Technology Director, Huntley Project, Worden, MT
  • “The amount of time the district is able to save by using the support services ByteSpeed offers is significant. District supplied inventory tags are put on the computers before they arrive, licensing of Microsoft software is taken care of, imaging of hard drives is completed, and delivery time is always right on target. The opportunity to receive a preview computer eliminates the frustration of having something that does not work to the full potential of a situation. The ByteSpeed sales staff is well versed in hardware essentials. They will also investigate a specific piece of software that will be used on a computer to make sure that the computer configuration is well matched to the software program. The 5-year warranty is a tremendous value, as the lifespan cycle of our computers frequently reaches beyond that time frame. Having the availability of a technician to talk with immediately and not be put into a queue when there is a problem demonstrates ByteSpeed’s respect of our technicians’ expertise and time. The on-site parts closet and easy return of replaced parts is key to the turnaround time the district is able to provide when equipment does go down. The help from ByteSpeed is like having an extra tech person on my staff. The quality, reliability and value of ByteSpeed products are awesome. The people support and customer service is matchless."

    Ladonna Czachowski Former Technology Facilitator, Pleasant Valley Community School District, Bettendorf, IA
  • "College Community has had a great relationship with ByteSpeed. The quality of the product is great. Their products have really held up well for us. But, more importantly than that, we’ve gotten superlative customer service. What really sets ByteSpeed apart from their competitors are the people who work there. They are a very customer focused enterprise. It’s really refreshing to work with a company that values customer service at such a high level. End to end, from sales to support, they have been great. The sales team created strong proposals with lots of added value. The support and service team have also been responsive to our needs. The ByteSpeed products we’ve purchased have been really easy to own in terms of TCO. For these reasons and more, that’s why ByteSpeed has been College Community Schools' vendor of choice for Windows based devices for the last four years."

    Craig Barnum Former Director of Information Services and Technology, College Community Schools, Cedar Rapids, IA
  • "I use ByteSpeed frequently! One thing I really appreciate is the next day parts if needed!"

    Jeremy Lund Former Technology Coordinator, Midway Public School, Inkster, ND
  • "ByteSpeed support is great. Immediate tech support and getting problems taken care of is a breeze!"

    Ted Reiter Retired Technology Coordinator, Hatton Public School, Hatton, ND
  • "If anyone is looking for a new computer vendor, I would like to recommend ByteSpeed. They are on our Region V Purchasing Co-op and I have used them for more than 10 years. They offer 5-year warranty on their desktop units. I send them a base image each year so every computer I order comes ready to place in the classroom. They also send me spare parts for a parts closet so my techs always have parts to put in units as needed. My techs then send the bad part back for RMA and get another part back for the closet. There's no down time or waiting for critical units. Their technicians are experienced and quick to respond. ByteSpeed is not a vendor... they are a 'Partner in Education.'"

    Cindy Laird Tech Coordinator, Nederland ISD, Nederland, TX
  • "I can vouch for ByteSpeed. They are a small company that cares about the product they put out.  Their warranty is exceptional and support is great.  Plus, they are from Minnesota, so extra bonus!"

    Stuart E. Burt II Former Director of Technology, Chapel Hill ISD, Tyler, TX
  • "ByteSpeed and Scott have been great to work with!"

    Don Hindsley Former Director of Technology, Whiteface Consolidated Independent School District, Whiteface, TX
  • "The server support team is simply AMAZING!!!!!!!! This is by far the best customer support I have ever received and I was all but hysterical by the wonderful presentation they both gave and their willingness to answer every silly little question I had. Kudos and thanks for making sure all that I purchased is perfect!"

    Lori Conway Business Manager, Dietrich Construction, Fargo, ND
  • "ByteSpeed systems provide a key feature that is overlooked that I feel is phenomenal…NO BLOATWARE! I think that in this field, it is assumed that every computer has it... but not ByteSpeed! Bloatware removal was on my list of things to do, and I was pleasantly surprised to find no bloatware.  I appreciate the saved time and effort not having to go in and uninstall a bunch of garbage."

    Gary W. Gaboury Former Assistant Vice President - BSA, IT, Security, Sunrise Bank, Cocoa Beach, FL
  • "ByteSpeed tech support is great. I like their machines because they come with just the OS and no other proprietary software, and you can order them customized with any configuration you want. If I have a problem, ByteSpeed takes care of it right away. They trouble shoot over the phone and ship what you need right away, or you can send it in. I also get our servers from ByteSpeed - great support there as well. As you know, you may have trouble with any computer and this is the best vendor that I have found for support!"

    Ted Reiter Former Tech Coordinator, Hatton Public School, Hatton, ND
  • "Thank you ByteSpeed for being great to work with! Your products have been top notch, and your tech support has been the best I have worked with in my 10 years as the tech person at Centerville."

    Lisa Kraning Former Technology Coordinator, Centerville School District, Centerville, SD
  • ”For the longest time we (Lakeside Bank) were looking to replace our big box desktop vendor and could not find someone that could provide us with the price, customer support, and reliability we were used to getting with Dell. It just so happened that a ByteSpeed sales rep called us and gave us his salesman spiel, but his was unlike others I had heard. He mentioned a number of intriguing factors, such as a 5 year warranty, that led us to giving ByteSpeed a shot. Since that first purchase we have been a very satisfied customer and I really enjoy working with ByteSpeed. They have been extremely courteous and responsive to our needs and it’s truly nice to be able to contact one person for our needs versus a constant revolving team at Dell. ByteSpeeds service and support are a definite winner and their ability to build custom computers in a timely fashion is on par with any of the other big box vendors…only they have that small business culture I truly love. Keep up the great work and I look forward to us having a long and fruitful relationship!"

    Aniceto Ron Network Administrator, Lakeside Bank, Chicago, IL
  • "I was introduced to ByteSpeed by a counterpart at another bank. I contacted ByteSpeed about pricing and they offered to send a demo unit. My sales rep has always been very responsive and follows up well. When the demo unit arrived, I was pleased to see that ByteSpeed had used brand name components, and the unit was solidly built. One thing I really liked was there was not a lot of trial/bloatware or unnecessary programs installed. Most of the time I will reinstall the Operating System on new computers because of all the extra software, I didn't have to with ByteSpeed. They also offer free imaging. Though we have an imaging product in house, this saved much time per unit. I have not had any problems with the hardware at all. There was an issue with a software component not being able to update the Intel motherboard and ByteSpeed's technical support was easy to work with and helped until a successful solution was found. I have been pleased with all aspects of ByteSpeed, sales, quality of the units and technical support."

    Randy Dover Former Vice President - Information Technology Officer, Cornerstone Community Bank, Chattanooga, TN
  • "I just wanted to send you a quick 'THANK YOU' to let you know how appreciative and how impressed I am with ByteSpeed's customer service the last few weeks. I just received a laptop back in the mail (that had a loose hinge) and it is repaired perfectly. The fast handling and delivering time was awesome and made things so much more easy on my end. Thank again for all your help!"

    Kelsey Boedeker, Tech Coordinator, South Heart/Belfield Public Schools, ND Tech Coordinator, South Heart School District, South Heart, ND
  • "Today is the official open house for the new Minnewaukan Public School, and it is a very proud day for me! ByteSpeed has been great assisting me with any questions I have had. I also wanted to thank Mitch and Tyler for coming up and helping me get the new network up and running. We had some initial problems with the wireless, but Mitch and D-link were able to solve that quickly. I am very impressed with ByteSpeed’s business model and look forward to working with you all in the future. Thanks again!"

    Dale Volk Retired IT Coordinator, Minnewaukan Public School, Minnewaukan, ND
  • "We love ByteSpeed!!! They have been our sole  provider for going on 5 years. I highly recommend them. ByteSpeed takes very good care of us. Nice part of doing business with a smaller U.S. company is that they care. Last year we were having an issue with a shipment.  It turned out to be a ZenWorks agent problem. In the midst of trying to figure out the problem, they offered to send us another shipment replacing all 150 computers!! It wasn't even a hardware issue. You won't find that kind of service with any of the big manufacturers."

    Ken Sims Former Technology Coordinator, Bellefontaine City School District, Bellefontaine, OH
  • "We purchased ByteSpeed's ruggedized 10" Classmate netbooks for 3 mobile labs. We chose this model over iPads and other similar devices because of their durability and performance. The netbooks are in the hands of our students that range from age 4 to 18 years old; therefore, we needed them to be durable. We have been very pleased with our decision of choosing the Classmate. We have had them in place for almost three years and have yet to send any back for repairs. We purchased our Classmates through Bytespeed due to their service, support and quality of product."

    Tracy Klatt Technology Director, Orange Grove Independent School District, Orange Grove, TX
  • "When our school determined there was a critical need for more computers in the hands of its K-5 students, we researched various devices including Android and iOS tablets. The ByteSpeed 10" Clamshell Netbook with its overall size, viewable screen, 6 cell battery, ruggedized construction, and included educational software made it an easy choice when compared to the features of others brands. Couple that with the knowledge and superior tech support we have come to expect from ByteSpeed, and we confidently purchased 120 of the netbooks. The netbooks have been enthusiastically received by our staff and students where they were deployed. They are especially pleased with the battery life and the fact they are the perfect size for students in this age group. I would not hesitate to recommend ByteSpeed and their netbooks for any organization considering such a purchase."

    David Koch Technology Director, Beatrice Public Schools, Beatrice, NE
  • "We chose ByteSpeed's Classmate netbooks because they allowed for more operating uses. Not only do they function much like a traditional laptop, but their smaller size and durability is great for accommodating student needs. The Classmates have proved to be very durable, no hardware fixes yet… and that is with middle school students! By using computers that are similar to what many businesses utilize, students develop real world skills that allow learning to be so much more applicable to life skills and problem solving. Bytespeed has been very helpful in helping our teachers integrate technology into the classroom. A Bytespeed team even came to our school to provide professional development on the software and hardware of the tablets. The ByteSpeed team is very fast to address questions and concerns during the implementation process and beyond."

    Andrew Hilliker Principal, St. Joseph's School, Moorhead, MN
  • "When it was time to make a decision between an iPad or the ByteSpeed Classmate, the following factors helped us choose the ByteSpeed Classmate: We were initially concerned about the functionality of the iPad based on what we wanted students to do. With the Classmate, the keyboard allowed for more functionality in text entry and update of documents students created. This was also a transitioning time from only using desktop labs to putting devices in student hands all day long. Many of the video resources we were and still use were in Flash only format and with the iPad we had no way of continuing to use those resources. However, on the Classmate units the transition was seamless. We are an Active Directory Windows Environment so the Classmate was a good fit when it came to management of student accounts, profiles, and rights to access of network printing and storage. The Classmate is Windows based which also was an excellent fit for our present asset management and provided capabilities for being able to make several updates and changes remotely. We are presently using SCCM and it allows us to actually push applications that students can install under their personal profiles when we make it available to them. We use the eReader software that came on the Classmate units. The Video editing software is good for the students as they create presentations and then share them with others via Microsoft Power Point, Prezi and other presentation applications. Students have been quite creative in the use of the built-in webcams to capture demonstrations, interviews and “news broadcasts”. The Classmate has been very durable and came prepped for student use. To protect iPads we would have needed to purchase additional cases which continues to add to the cost. The ByteSpeed warranty was a strong point in our consideration of the Classmate purchase. The ByteSpeed Support staff has been helpful in sharing tips for repairs we can do here in the district and has worked hard to be efficient in repair turnaround time."

    Wes Sanders Former Director of Technology, MSD Decatur Township, Indianapolis, IN
  • "We were looking for a new tablet laptop for our high school math classes and came across the ByteSpeed 10” Classmate.  It was a netbook and I could get almost two for the price of one other tablet. The Classmate is ruggedized and has a touch screen that displays flat with the stylus. We like that it has a spill resistant keyboard and touchpad, reinforced corners, shock mounted hard drive, a protective rubberized cover, a fingerprint, scratch, and water-resistant screen, and a convenient retractable carrying handle. Our math instructor says, “The students really like the touchscreen and think the carrying case is neat.” Since the high school is a total Windows environment, this was a great solution.  We have replaced three portable labs with the Classmate and if monies are available we will be looking at more labs to replace. It is a great solution for our math and science departments. Overall, we have been working with Bytespeed for almost 10 years. They have helped us with many types of solutions and have always been honest and straight forward. Their support is also great. I can’t say that of other companies. If we have an issue, we send an email and the problem resolved in no time. Since they are a Midwest company, I would expect no different. We can also talk to an English speaking person and get fast results. I have recommended this company to others and will continue to do so."

    Cheryl Jenner Technology Coordinator, Sisseton Schools, Sisseton, SD
  • "We chose the ByteSpeed Classmate ruggedized netbooks as the best combination of performance, value, warranty, and student usability. Apple's iPads aren't compatible with the student online testing we need and apps aren't available. We need a full-blown enterprise operating system to install the software we require now and in the future. ByteSpeed's customer service and warranty are the best in the industry by a wide margin. When we need ByteSpeed, they are there for us and go well beyond our expections."

    Larry Hoback Director of Technology, Crete Public Schools, Crete, NE
  • "I’m happy to report we’re ready to go ahead with the server order! I’m sure you’re not surprised, but I heard nothing but glowing reviews from your references that I spoke with. Our management team was really impressed with your 5-year warranty, and when we priced out tier 1 competitors we just couldn’t come close to the price once we tried to match the warranty up."

    Jason Starcher Senior VP Operations, Baltic State Bank, Baltic, OH
  • "ByteSpeed just ROCKS!!!  I spent over an hour trying to get a Dell replacement part… less than 2 minutes with Bytespeed!!! Truly GREAT SERVICE!! THANK YOU!!!!"

    Chris Kuntzman Technology Director, Taylorville Schools, Taylorville, IL
  • "I have enjoyed doing business with ByteSpeed over the years. You have provided our school district with a good product and great service. I hope to continue doing business with you in the future."

    Diane Cummins Former Technology Director, Butte County School District, Arco, ID
  • "I just wanted to take a moment to say what great machines ByteSpeed has built for us and what a difference our ByteSpeed computers are making every day for the teachers and students at Indian Creek School. Seven years ago when we built a new high school, Indian Creek made a mass order for what was then considered a good machine in a small form factor, from a major vendor. As it turned out these machines, with hot Pentium 4 processors and very tight internal configurations including hard drives that were located directly in the path of hot exhaust air coming off the processor, were destined to not last as long as typical desktops. We suffered drive problems with these machines early on and later began to see numerous blown capacitors and other mother board problems. Our teachers need every square inch of desktop real estate possible, and in other settings like libraries we need to be able to deploy several machines in a relatively small space. A small form factor desktop was critical. In addition we wanted machines with desktop sized optical drives as the laptop sized ones did not last long in our experience. Finally, as we are a member of the MEEC program we already own hundreds of copies of everything Microsoft makes. We did not want to be forced to pay twice for our operating systems. We shopped hard and even purchased some newer machines from our old vendor. When they let us know though that it would no longer be possible for them to sell us machines without an OS installed we knew we had to really look around. We bought our first ByteSpeed D61CR desktop in early 2012 and I have to say the experience of working with ByteSpeed has been tremendous. The computers consistently exceed expectations, with smart internal architecture, top build quality, and exceptional support. Performance has never been a problem, and you have worked with us to make sure we don’t “over spec.” In real world use, one of the first of the ByteSpeed D61CRs found its way to our business office where a power user is on it all day crunching spreadsheets and running advanced accounting applications… smooth as silk. In the classroom, our teachers and students are thrilled with the compact size and quiet performance of their ByteSpeed computers, which have handled everything we have thrown at them across all three divisions of the school easily. When we need service and support (which has been almost never), the ByteSpeed team has exceeded expectations and far out-performed the level of service we received from other vendors. It is clear to us that we matter as a customer, and we can go forward with our purchasing program knowing that ByteSpeed has our back. I especially appreciate the “parts closet” program where we have critical replacement parts in advance of trouble - ready when we need them. ByteSpeed is a very nice match for our school’s IT needs, and I highly recommend any educational IT departments talk to Bytespeed for quotes on new systems."

    Joe Thompson Former Technology Manager, Indian Creek School, Crownsville, MD
  • “We have been using ByteSpeed for at least 7 years. I can’t begin to tell you how nice it is to talk to a live person when you have a server question (or any question for that matter). The server tech support is second to none! ByteSpeed’s server warranty can’t be beat - 5 years!? Nobody else does that, well maybe for an extra fee you can buy an extended warranty, but it’s standard with ByteSpeed. The desktop quality is also excellent, we 200+ machines running. Return on investment is excellent, the oldest machines we have (purchased in 2006) are still running strong. The entire process, from sales to service is just as smooth as can be. We will continue our relations with ByteSpeed for as long I can see into the future!”

    Eric Ingram Former Technology Coordinator, Waconda School District, Cawker City, KS
  • “We have been very happy with ByteSpeed’s overall service, and quality of machines. The 5 year server warranty gives us plenty of time for machine replacement, and any time we do need a part, we can get it faster from ByteSpeed then from any other vendor we deal with. All of their parts are top notch, and their servers have been bullet proof, with all genuine Intel parts. They can custom build just about anything you want, even if they don’t have the parts on hand, they will get it. Overall, we have been very happy with our total experience with ByteSpeed over the past 11 or so years.”

    Mike Fisher Technology Support, Southeast Kansas Education Service Center, Girard, KS
  • “We started purchasing desktops from ByteSpeed in 2005 and we purchased our first ByteSpeed server in 2006. Since then, we’ve purchased a majority of our new desktops and laptops as well as all of our servers from ByteSpeed. We purchased a few desktops and laptops from other companies over the years but nobody comes close to the customer support that ByteSpeed offers. Coming from an OEM system builder background, I was already familiar with the components that ByteSpeed uses and I know they are top quality components. Simply put... ByteSpeed systems are built to last! I still have a couple of the systems from 2005 in service. When something does go wrong they are quick to send out replacement parts. You can’t beat their standard 5-year warranty on desktops and servers. Even if we’ve had issues with a system that is out of warranty, they have always been helpful in finding replacement parts at great prices.”

    Alan Morgan Technology Director, Brantley County Schools, Nahunta, GA
  • “First and foremost, ByteSpeed has an awesome customer service team. Now days, ‘good customer service’ is something that is very hard to come by.  My dedicated sales rep always steers me in the right direction, and keeps me update with the latest ByteSpeed products. I hope that we can use ByteSpeed products for years to come. In any aspect, of purchasing, quoting, and billing ByteSpeed has proven to be the best.  The reliability of ByteSpeed’s products is amazing. We love the fact that they offer a 5-year warranty on many products. ByteSpeed gave us a piece of mind that we’ve never had before!”

    Jarrod Fletcher Computer Operations Manager, Lamar County Schools, Barnesville, GA
  • "ByteSpeed always provides fast and friendly responses to both quote requests and service issues. In addition, the fact that they treat computer techs as professionals instead of asking us to go through scripted trouble-shooting steps would be enough of a reason alone to choose Bytespeed."

    Pauline Schield Information Systems Supervisor, DC Everest School District, Schofield, WI
  • "I have experience with ByteSpeed servers from three different positions. I began working with ByteSpeed as the IT Manager at Argonia Schools and was extremely impressed by the fantastic support for their desktops.  I was still a little reluctant to try a third party server, but I finally gave in and went with one of the ByteSpeed servers. I soon realized their server reliability and support were just as great for servers as for the desktops. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work with ByteSpeed as an independent consultant, installing a server for another company.  Without the complete confidence I have developed from prior experience, I would never have recommended the ByteSpeed server.  Now I have recommended it to several companies and expect someday to go back to a few other companies as an independent consultant and install more servers. My newest endeavor is taking on the position of IT Director for Harper County, KS, and my most recent project here was to put in a new ByteSpeed server. The ByteSpeed support getting us converted from the old server was just as I expected, timely and easy to deal with. I am always pleasantly pleased when I have any question concerning a simple desktop issue to the most complex server issue, ByteSpeed support is fast and willing to go the extra mile to meet my needs. They empower me to do as much myself as I want (which is my preference) and they still are willing to step in when I need them to. My relationship with ByteSpeed is as good as I have ever been able to develop with suppliers of any brand of computer equipment. They really care that things go well when I have a new need or an issue with an older piece of equipment."

    Bob Randall IT Director, Harper County, Anthony, KS
  • "We have been purchasing our computers from  Bytespeed since they were founded in 1999 and have nothing but good things to say about their products and their tech support team. In 2006, we purchased our first server from Bytespeed and with the help of their tech team, we were able to make the transition very smoothly.  When we needed to upgrade our server in 2010, once again things went smoothly thanks to the ByteSpeed tech guys! The service Bytespeed provides after purchase is truly outstanding – they completely back their products and will bend over backwards in order to help in anyway needed, and shipping time for anything is awesome!"

    Sue Hjalmarsson Office Coordinator, C&H Engineering and Surveying, Inc., Bozeman, MT
  • "I am in my 7th year as the Technology Coordinator at Hanson School. We purchased 75 ruggedized 2GoPc Mini Tablets Model NL1 from CTL through the reseller Apex in June of 2008 with a 3 year warranty. The warranty repair was required to be serviced by CTL which is based out of Portland, Oregon. The repair process was a nightmare when dealing with CTL. I had requested extra parts to have on hand to include keyboards, ac adapters, wireless card, RAM, & hard drives so that when one of these items failed in a tablet, I could easily repair the tablets myself in a matter of minutes with very little down time. However, CTL was unwilling to accommodate me with this request. CTL was only willing to do a parts exchange once these parts failed which would mean a tablet would be down for about 2 weeks. When requesting a part to be exchanged under warranty, I would create a service ticket with detailed description which would be sent in via their website It could take 1-4 days to get a response back from tech support with another 3-5 days for shipping. This was common place for the length of time it would take to receive a replacement part. On average I would have about 10-20 tablets sent into CTL for repair which would take about 2-3 months to be returned. APEX was very helpful in working with me when trying to deal with CTL to resolve issues with lengthy warranty repair, spare parts, and issues that to me just seemed to be common sense. However, I can NOT say the same for CTL. The final straw in dealing with CTL was when I started receiving tablets back from warranty repair and they were replacing the 60 GB hard drive with a 30 GB hard drive. The major issue was my image size which was 27.9 GB so within a matter of a couple weeks the hard drive would run out of storage space. I was never notified by CTL that the larger hard drive was being exchanged with a smaller one. CTL’s explanation was that the hard drive in the NL1 tablet was on back order. Since June of 2009 I have purchased all of my desktops, tablets, and laptops from ByteSpeed. Any company can sell equipment but the key is who is willing to service what you sell. ByteSpeed’s service is 2nd TO NO ONE! Everything that I wanted from CTL I found in ByteSpeed and more. They start by selling great equipment and are willing to send me spare parts to have on hand, and I have been receiving replacement parts with most  arriving by the next day.  If their name is on it they will stand behind it. I turned to ByteSpeed in 2010 when the NL1 tablets from CTL were in their third year of warranty because the service time was increasing and the level of satisfaction was at an all-time low. Scott Bleth, the VP of ByteSpeed said that he would be willing to honor the warranty of the tablets from CTL just to get me through the 3rd year of warranty, I about fell out of my chair when Scott said that.  However, they were unable to secure replacement hard drives as I believe the vendor selling the drives would not sell them directly to ByteSpeed but wanted them to deal with CTL. I know Scott tried for several weeks to get his hands on some hard drives since this was my major issue but wasn’t able to purchase any. Therefore, I was forced to continue receiving warranty repair from CTL. Scott also tried to work with CTL and found it to be a very frustrating experience with very little to no cooperation. I highly recommend ByteSpeed to anyone that is interested in purchasing a computer. It could be a school district, our local bank, or even someone wanting a personal computer. I encourage any vendor to partner with ByteSpeed as they are a GREAT company with OUTSTANDING people to work with."

    Doni Bridge Technology Coordinator, Hanson School District, Alexandria, SD
  • "Two and a half years ago a colleague told me about ByteSpeed servers when I was shopping for new ones. I had never heard of ByteSpeed so he got his sales rep on the line and that was the beginning of a great and new business relationship. We explained to the rep what our needs were and where we were wanting to be in the future and he came back with two custom designed servers that met and exceeded our specs. I have been very happy with our servers. Tech support has been over the top. They are fast, they overnight parts when needed and they are very knowledgeable. They always fix my problems and answer all of my questions. PLUS a 5 year warranty is amazing! My experience with these two servers and the fantastic support moved me to purchase two labs with ByteSpeed desktops and most recently a cart of ByteSpeed laptops."

    Tara Golden Technology Coordinator, USD 357, Belle Plaine, KS
  • “The Galena Unified School District 499 has been a partner with ByteSpeed for more than 10 years. We have purchased desktops, laptops, and servers over the course of our business relationship. We have always been more than satisfied with theirs products and service, and their support is by far the best. I have always been thankful and impressed with the technical support that ByteSpeed provides (ranging from hardware to software). ByteSpeed has an online support system that allows me to submit warranty claims, as well as technical issues that I may encounter.  In addition, technical support is only a phone call away. As a District, we have purchased several servers, each with specific requirements and demands. Our ByteSpeed sales rep and their server support team have always been able to match our needs with cost and requirements. It is great to actually speak with a person who understands Microsoft licensing requirements. We have yet to encounter an issue that the support team could not resolve. Within minutes, I can talk to an expert who will work with me until the issue is resolved. Plus, ByteSpeed offers an outstanding 5-year warranty on desktops and servers. If you are considering purchasing from ByteSpeed, you should call their toll free number... you will actually get a real, live person! Yes, I am old school, and yes, I am hard to please, but it is SOOOOO much easier to talk to a person who will put you in contact with the correct person immediately. You will not be able to find a better company for quality and support.”

    Jason Grotheer Director of Technology, Galena Unified Schools 499, Galena, KS
  • “We bought our first ByteSpeed desktops in 2003 and they became the mainstay of our technology plan for desktop computers.  We’ve looked at other brands but nobody comes close to the quality of the hardware, the outstanding service and five year warranty that ByteSpeed provides. The ByteSpeed sales department is a dream to work with; you can start by building your own custom configurations on the web site and then fine tune options and pricing with a simple phone call or email. The ByteSpeed sales team is always helpful in getting us the right machines for our purpose—they will even send us a demo so we can check it out ourselves!  On the rare occasion we need tech support, their service department couldn’t be more responsive and knowledgeable. If replacement parts are needed, they are on the way within hours. ByteSpeed is the best; I recommend them to anyone looking for durable, high quality, competitively priced computers with a fantastic warranty.”

    Linda Griffith Former Technology Specialist, Dallas School District 2, Dallas, OR
  • “I started with the City of El Dorado, Kansas in November 2012. I have always been a Dell guy and had never heard of ByteSpeed at the time. The City had been buying from ByteSpeed for some time before that. I am now a certain and true believer in ByteSpeed!! Their quality of customer service, products, and support services is second to none. I have been in various tech support positions for more than 16 years and have had my share of poor tech support experiences. That is not what you get with ByteSpeed! In late 2012, our exchange server crashed hard with a corrupted RAID array. The OS was gone. With a deep breath, I made the call and was talking with ByteSpeed support within two minutes! After some diagnosing, they shipped new hard drives overnight. The next day, the support rep stayed on with me the entire time and (because exchange is not my forte) walked me through some configurations that I didn’t know. He didn’t have to do that. Since then, I have purchased two large servers for hosting all of our virtual servers and multiple PCs. I will not buy from another vendor. These are high quality Intel servers and PCs with an unbelievable 5-year warranty. The price is right, too! I cannot say enough good things about my experience with ByteSpeed!”

    Ken Huffman IT Director, City of El Dorado, El Dorado, KS
  • "I find it noteworthy that you contacted me not only after the warranty had officially expired, but you initiated the call knowing that we had a few desktop problems. To me, that is what great customer support is about.  I very much appreciate the way you do business and I think it reflects extremely well upon ByteSpeed as a company that stands behind the solid products they sell. It is interactions such as these that keeps you on my short list."

    Dan Bentson Director of Technology, La Center School District, La Center, WA
  • "I've contacted ByteSpeed twice for warranty components since working for the Brantley County School system, and it was completely painless and quick. If something breaks while under their warranty, I don't dread calling to get a replacement part or help. Also, the time spent talking to helpdesk staff is minimal, which is good!! I wish every company's helpdesk was as painless as ByteSpeed’s help desk… keep up the good work!"

    Robbie Boland Former Technology Specialist, Brantley County Board of Education, Nahunta, GA
  • “ByteSpeed tech staff is superb and their support has been fantastic. Everything has been very easy, and parts are arriving on time and returning them has been a snap. Since we have the part closet, it has been great just to pull the part and get the user up and running, then put the replacement ticket in.  All in all, it has been pretty awesome.”

    Ryan Dooley Assistant Technology Director, Ponca City Public Schools, Ponca City, OK
  • “ByteSpeed is a common name in Nederland ISD and has been for many years. Students lead a digital life outside of school, so our teachers must have the knowledge, skills and resources to provide a technology rich environment in school that truly engages students in learning and prepares them for the future. ByteSpeed plays an important role by providing a plethora of resources for engaging our students. Budgets have been cut in our district and the solution and extended warranty provided by ByteSpeed is a contributing factor in saving precious technology dollars. Their service is impeccable and the knowledge, resources and expertise their team brings to the table is invaluable. You can't go wrong with ByteSpeed! They are more than a vendor; they are a Partner in Education.”

    Cindy Laird Director of Technology, Nederland ISD, Nederland, TX
  • “I look for good product when purchasing for my school district, just like any other Technology Director. But, product is not the only thing I look for in a computer company. A good product is important, but without superb technical support that product is useless to me. This is where ByteSpeed out performs all the Tier 1 computer manufacturer support teams, hands down! Whenever you contact ByteSpeed technical support, you will speak with a knowledgeable ByteSpeed technician that will bend over backwards for you to personally support their products. From sales to technical support, my school district has always been treated as if we were the only customers they have. It is so refreshing to speak with friendly, and very helpful ByteSpeed staff every time we call them. They go above and beyond and work diligently to solve any issues or requests we may have. I love that about ByteSpeed. Scott Bleth and his excellent sales team will make certain we can purchase computers and laptops based on our needs and timelines. No other company has worked so closely and personally with the district like ByteSpeed always does. I highly recommend ByteSpeed for all computer needs for your company. You will not be disappointed. ByteSpeed ROCKS!”

    Debra Ezell Technology Director, Fort Stockton ISD, Fort Stockton, TX
  • “ByteSpeed is a less well known computer manufacturing company than say Dell or HP or IBM. But ByteSpeed more than compensates for their smaller stature in their better service, superior support and quality products. Let’s face it, a computer is a computer. They all have either Intel or AMD processors and motherboards manufactured by well-known companies. You assemble these components and put them in a pretty case, add power, and there you go. Once you get past the logo on that box, it’s more about the quality of the product and the personality of the company behind it. Allow me to list some of the finer qualities of that company and product. Eager Sales Staff – When I shoot an email for a quote with specific specs I get a response back within 24 hours. The quote is always very specified and very competitive with the market. I’ve tried the same thing with an assigned Dell sales rep and either waited a week, or never heard back at all. All too often Dell will just direct you to their crummy website where to try to find the parts that you want/need for a system. The site is so horrible that I often end up frustrated and settling for a system just because I can make the parts work. With ByteSpeed, I specify the requirements for the system and they find the parts/specs I need and put it together for me. This saves me time and energy and helps build a feeling of teamwork with your sales reps. All American Support – When you have a problem and you need to call support you will be speaking to someone who speaks native English. It is so frustrating to have an issue with a product, and then also have an issue trying to understand the suggested fix. ByteSpeed’s Support team takes ownership of any issues and sees them through to the end. Any time I’ve had issues with a ByteSpeed system, the issue was resolved quickly and at ByteSpeed’s cost. I recall once the motherboard did not support a feature that we needed, even though Intel claimed it did. ByteSpeed upgraded us to a different motherboard but did not upgrade the price. It was probably only ten bucks or so, but multiply that over around 200 computers we were purchasing and that adds up. Too many companies are eager to sell you their product, but not so eager to properly support their warranty contract. Disclaimer: It has been awhile since I’ve had to call ByteSpeed support. Standard Warranties – 5 years for Desktop and Servers. 3 Years for laptops. When you compare the ByteSpeed quote with the system you are looking at with Best Buy, you have to take into consideration how, at the check-out line, Best Buy is going to then offer you a similar warranty and watch that price go up. Competitive hardware platform – You’ll get as fast if not faster hardware for the same price when compared to the big vendors. No bloat ware – I’ve never seen anything preinstalled on a ByteSpeed that wasn’t needed for its operation. This keeps the OS slim and fast. I will admit, when I first started using ByteSpeed I was reluctant. But if you give them a chance, they won’t let you down.”

    Tony Cygne Network Engineer, Alton CUSD #11, Alton, IL
  • "The eval desktop is working perfectly. In fact, one of my technicians replaced his permanent machine (Dell Precision…something) with this unit and is absolutely loving it! The M100 laptop went to one of the VPs who uses it for travel and just loves the size, performance, and efficiency! I am working on a board presentation that will allow me to include ByteSpeed Computers as part of our vendor selection when we purchase larger quantities. I hope to have this in place before our next budget cycle begins (before December). Thanks again, ByteSpeed. This has been, by far, the best computer purchasing/implementation process!"

    Derek Robinson Director of IT, Western Wyoming Community College, Rock Springs, WY
  • "I have been extremely satisfied with ByteSpeed’s computer systems and service since I purchased my first one several years ago.  Since then I have purchased nothing but ByteSpeed products and have been very pleased.  Unlike larger computer retailers they don’t use proprietary parts that are hard to find after they have dropped that model from their line-up.  They also use nothing but quality name brand components not just the lowest bidder’s parts.  I have been very pleased with ByteSpeed's service as well.  I have not had to use it but a couple times and each time I talked to a technician that got me parts coming quickly and without 99 questions.  Without a doubt I recommend ByteSpeed Computers for anyone looking for quality computers with even better customer support."

    Brandon Breithaupt Systems Support Technician, Concordia Bank & Trust, Vidalia, LA
  • "As a small, independent community bank we are all about people. We also love doing business with smaller, more responsive vendors. That in a nutshell is the definition of ByteSpeed! Based on a referral, we began purchasing our desktops from ByteSpeed a few years ago. They are now our only supplier of desktop and laptop computers. Why? Outstanding sales and technical support. When necessary, warranty services are provided effectively and efficiently. How do they do this? Their people make the difference! We have found a true partner in ByteSpeed."

    Frank Gadsden EVP & CIO, Clover Community Bank, Clover, SC
  • "ByteSpeed has excellent customer service and one of the best warranties I've seen for new machines. The machines themselves have given us less trouble than almost any others that we have bought and they are well built. The parts closet is an added bonus that really makes the difference when we need a part fast to get teachers back up and running. Returns for parts is a no-fuss process. I really have nothing bad to say about ByteSpeed and the level of service that they have provided. From sales to technical support, they've been a dream. I'd recommend them to anyone."

    Melissa Hardaway Former Technology Coordinator, Bienville Parish School Board, Arcadia, LA