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Our Team

Meet the ByteSpeed Team

Leadership Team

Our Team

Chip Homme


Chip is the President and founder of ByteSpeed. He has more than 34 years of experience in the computer industry.

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Scott Bleth

Vice President

Scott has more than 34 years of experience in the computer industry, starting with selling IBM parts in Pennsylvania. Scott is one of the founders of ByteSpeed. Along with being involved with major company decisions; he is the top sales person at ByteSpeed, where he manages accounts in Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, and Nebraska.

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John Tupa

Vice President

John started in the computer industry nearly 34 years ago, beginning in the accounting department of a company which focused on selling computer parts. Then he moved to sales. Tupa now manages the accounts of ByteSpeed’s largest customers, who are located in Georgia. He also manages accounts in Wisconsin.

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Jason Redfield

General Manager

Jason is the General Manager at ByteSpeed. He has more than 27 years of accounting experience, including 18 years in the computer industry.

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Lucas Hulne

Chief Technology Officer

Lucas is ByteSpeed’s Chief Technology Officer. He has nearly 22 years of experience in the computer industry, and is responsible for the ByteSpeed helpdesk, production, R&D, and product testing.

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Anna Hanson

Sales Director

Anna calls the ByteSpeed home office her home away from home. She has been the Director of Sales for the last four years after having been one of ByteSpeed’s leading salespeople for the previous 11 years. Anna works diligently to create lasting relationships and forge partnerships that will continue to expand the offerings to better serve ByteSpeed’s customers.

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Kyle Beckius

Purchasing Manager

Kyle has more than 11 years of experience with ByteSpeed. He worked his way up to Purchasing Manager and was previously the Sales Manager and Production Manager. As the Purchasing Manager, he is responsible for the purchasing team and acquisition processes throughout ByteSpeed.

Clever Mukori

Partner Relationship Manager

Clever joined ByteSpeed in 2020.

Territory Management Team

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John Tupa

(218) 227-0449


John started working in the computer industry nearly 34 years ago, beginning in the accounting department of a company which focused on selling computer parts. From there, he moved into a sales role. John now manages two of ByteSpeed’s largest territories: Georgia and Wisconsin.

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Scott Bleth 

(218) 227-0450


Scott has more than 34 years of experience in the computer industry, starting with selling IBM parts in PA. Scott is one of the founders of ByteSpeed as well as the top salesperson. Scott manages AR, MO, MS, NE, and TX.

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Brian Hoots

(218) 227-0479


Brian joined ByteSpeed in 2010. When he’s not working, he’s spending time hunting, fishing, or writing music. 

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Kevin Hoots

(218) 227-0477


Kevin joined ByteSpeed in 2016. When he’s not at the office, he’s fishing, hunting, or golfing.

gavin 240by300

Gavin Doppler

(218) 227-0496


Gavin joined ByteSpeed 2016. When he’s not at work, he can be found hunting, snowboarding, or traveling to new places.

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Grant Hagen 

(218) 227-0494


Grant joined ByteSpeed in 2017. When he’s not in the office, he spends his time playing softball or golf, and reading.

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Dixon Schwan

(218) 512-1052


Dixon joined ByteSpeed in 2018. If he’s not in the office, he’s learning to code, watching or playing hockey or football, or spending time outdoors.

steve haman 240x300px

Steve Haman

(218) 227-0493


Steve joined ByteSpeed in 2017. Steve is married with 4 great kids from 7 to 24.  When he is not busy with family, he enjoys cooking, sports, going to the gym and riding his Peloton bike.

Our Team

Ken Young

(218) 227-0497


tanner 240x300 1

Tanner Duncan

(218) 227-0446


Tanner joined ByteSpeed in 2017. If he’s not at work, he’s spending time with his wife and daughter, watching or playing sports, or traveling.

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Nic Goettle

(218) 227-0458


Nic joined ByteSpeed in 2019. If he’s not working, he’s snowboarding, bowling, or playing pool.

Gravity Gaming Management

Josh Knutson

Esports & VR Solutions Director

Josh started working at ByteSpeed in May of 2019 and serves as a product specialist for the esports and virtual reality product lines. When he is not working, Josh enjoys playing video games, hunting or fishing, and cooking all types of recipes.

Sales Administration Team


Jodi Pritchett

Sales Administrator

Jodi joined ByteSpeed in 2010. When she’s not at the office, she’s four-wheeling, hunting, or knitting.

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Tyler Bussmann

Sales Administrator

Tyler joined ByteSpeed in 2018. When he’s not working, he’s restoring old cars, researching the stock market, or spending time with his dogs.

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Mitchell Brackett

Sales Administrator

Mitchell joined ByteSpeed in 2019. When he’s not at work, he’s traveling, playing strategy games, or enjoying the outdoors.

katie 240x300 1

Katie Anderson

Sales Administrator

Katie joined ByteSpeed in 2018. If she’s not at work, she’s watching Game of Thrones, kickboxing, or practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

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Jack Herzog

Sales Administrator

Jack joined ByteSpeed in 2015 as a builder, transitioning to sales administration in 2019. When he’s not at work, he’s playing video games, working on his cars, or traveling to car meets.

Alex Tupa

Sales Administrator

Alex joined ByteSpeed as part of the warehouse team, transitioning to sales administration in 2019. 

emily lauinger low res 240x300 1

Emily Lauinger

Sales Administrator

Emily joined ByteSpeed in 2020. When she’s not at work, she enjoys playing the Sims, doing puzzles, and hiking.

Network Engineering Team

robert 240x300 1

Robert Ogan

Infrastructure Manager

Robert has been working in the IT field since 1994. He started his career in the U.S. Navy, moved on to John Deere Information Systems, and then Bettendorf Community School District. In 2014, Robert joined the server team at ByteSpeed and has led the team through more than 1,000 successful infrastructure deployments.

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Chris Polley

Infrastructure Pre-Sales Engineer

Chris has been working in the IT industry since the ‘90s. He began as a tech assistant in high school working for Independent School District #318 in MN, later graduating with an Associate’s degree in Computer Network Administration. From there, he gained experience at multiple technology companies before joining the ByteSpeed team in 2006. Since joining ByteSpeed, he has designed and deployed dozens of servers, SANs, and web caching solutions.

andy 240x300 1

Andy Benson

Network Administrator

Andy joined the ByteSpeed team in 2009 where he began as a PC builder. He quickly moved up to the networking team and became the Network Administrator. Andy vets all new products before they are added to ByteSpeed’s portfolio as well as running ByteSpeed’s wireless network, network switches, UPSs, backups, SAN solution, servers, and internal databases.

paul 240x300 1

Paul Schumaier

Server Production & Support Manager

Paul began his IT career with an Associate’s degree in Computer Support Specialist. He’s been gaining server and networking experience since 2004. In 2014 he joined the ByteSpeed team. Paul provides server, Ruckus, and CacheBox support to ByteSpeed customers, while also leading server assembly and quality control internally.

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Bill Hartog

Infrastructure Pre-Sales Engineer

Bill rejoined the ByteSpeed team in 2018 after gaining additional server administrator experience at American Farm Bureau Insurance Services, Inc. (AFBIS). He brings his experience from AFBIS and GoMoorhead where he ran cable, installed switches and servers, administered VMware, Microsoft Server 2008 R2, 2012 R2, 2016, WSUS, Office 365 and additional enterprise-level solutions.


Jason Verbout

Senior Network Engineer

Jason’s background consists of an Associate’s degree in Network Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in IT Management. He started his IT career in 2003 working for Tech Team, providing network and custom application support. From there, he became Network Administrator at Bettendorf School District and St. Ambrose University. In 2015, he joined the ByteSpeed server team where he excels at remote deployment of switches, routers, SANs, and more.

jesse 240x300 1

Jesse Hoffart

Cloud Solutions Specialist

Jesse joined ByteSpeed in 2012 where since then has been in or assisted most every technical role at ByteSpeed. When he is not working you can find him wrenching on a car, playing a video/board game, or brewing his own beer.

Marketing Team

brenda 240x300 1

Brenda Clifton

Marketing Manager

Brenda joined ByteSpeed in 2011. She enjoys hanging out with her family and two awesome cats, as well as live music.

deb 240x300 1

Deb Pavek

Marketing Coordinator

Deb joined ByteSpeed in 2002. She spends her spare time at her lake home, visiting her grandchildren, and snowmobiling.

brynna 240x300 1

Brynna Johnson

Sales & Contract Specialist

(218) 227-0445

Brynna joined ByteSpeed in 2019. Brynna enjoys spending time with her daughter, Ruby, and her three dogs. In her spare time, she likes to cook, travel and visit her identical twin sister and niece.  

elizabeth 240x300 1

Elizabeth Denning

Territory Development & Marketing Specialist

(218) 227-0456

Elizabeth joined ByteSpeed in 2019. If she’s not working, she’s traveling, watching The Office, talking about trending topics, or doing hot yoga.

bonnie web 1

Bonnie Steen

Tradeshow Coordinator

Bonnie joined ByteSpeed in 2006. She enjoys reading, volunteering, and traveling internationally in her spare time.