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Starting an esports club at your high school is a great way to get more students involved in an interactive, skill-building, in-school activity. Participants gain confidence, grow friendships and develop skills that will help them through high school and beyond.

We hope you can use the helpful resources and tips below for starting an esports club or league at your high school:


  • Thousands of colleges across the country are starting to recognize the advantages and offer esports scholarships
  • Build student relationships and confidence
  • Provide a safe & social place to play
  • Provide an outlet for students that aren’t interested in traditional sports
  • Break down barriers between different groups of students
  • Encourage collaboration and build problem-solving skills
  • Prepare students for the increasingly digital world around them
  • Apply gaming lessons in real life, such as perseverance, teamwork, and decision making
  • Encourage students to improve or maintain good grades so they can participate in gaming clubs

Gaming clubs develop both academic and social skills in students. As an example, most games require the ability to make quick calculations and decisions based on logic, which expands math skills. In addition, the imagination is nurtured in role-playing games, which can improve creative writing skills.


Step 1: WHERE & WHEN. Find a location and a time slot that is available. If your school doesn’t have a space available, consider asking your local library, community centers, society halls (that may belong to other organizations), recreation centers, churches or other religious institutions, or even gaming stores.

Step 2: WHO. It is important to involve family and friends, administration and IT support, students, fellow teachers, and parents. Set up a discussion or survey to discuss interest levels and participation.

Step 3: WHAT. Discuss the games that will be played during gaming club.

Step 4: WHY & HOW. Encourage students to take ownership of the club by communicating a “why” and establishing a “how”:

  • Encourage students to create a Mission Statement, focusing on goals for a gaming club
  • Allow students to create rules and expectations for all participants.
  • Consider using a “passport” system in which students earn “points” as they play different games with different players.
  • Encourage student input for advertising, announcements, and social media
  • Consider finding sources for sponsorship & financial assistance


The easiest way to begin competing is to join up with an established nation-wide league, such as:

PlayVS is the official high school esports league, and is an exclusive partner of the NFHS. Players can represent their school in an official league to compete against other students, earn varsity recognition, and ultimately compete for the coveted title of State Champion.

Legacy Esports is a team of experienced professionals in the education, sports and gaming industries who are working with athletic associations across the country to create custom league and tournament plans that focus on engaging, inclusive and community-oriented gameplay.

The High School Esports League is currently the largest high school esports league in the US. HSEL delivers high school level competition across 13 different games, including the most popular high school esports, Overwatch and League of Legends. HSEL is also a strong advocate for making esports available to every student as a legitimate varsity level sport in high schools across the nation.

The NASEF mission is to provide opportunities for ALL students to use esports as a platform to acquire critical communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills needed to thrive in work and in life.  As a result of student demand to practice their game and learn more about the field of esports, we developed a series of esports workshops in collaboration with UCI Esports and UCI Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences. Click here for more info:

EGFH is the first state-endorsed national high school esports league in the United States – operated by the Electronic Gaming Federation, EGFH oversees two competitive seasons including state and national championships per year across multiple titles which are broadcasted through platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Additionally, EGF provides program development support to schools and works with educators on building esports-based learning opportunities. Today, EGF is the governing body for collegiate (EGFC) and high school (EGFH) esports leagues – designed specifically for administratively endorsed programs – as the NCAA does for traditional sports. In addition to overseeing esports competitions, EGF works with administrators at universities and high schools across the country to develop esports programs that create competitive teams, educational programming, and positive social impact.

In addition to these nation-wide leagues, many states and schools also offer organized high school esports. While esports leagues are being added every day, here are a few examples below:










Be|Recruited – Your Guide to the Esports Recruiting Process
BeRecruited is the largest college recruiting network, serving more than 2 million high school athletes looking to play at the next level. Our student athletes represent more than 80% of U.S. high schools and have made over 25 million connections with college coaches. In addition to serving more than 2 million athletes, BeRecruited serves over 30,000 registered college coaches and 25,000 registered high school and club coaches. BeRecruited offers resources for athletes, parents, and coaches alike, as well as information on esports scholarships, and tips to get recruited to play esports in college.


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Able Gamers Charity
Able Gamers Charity gives people with disabilities custom gaming setups including modified controllers and special assistive technology, like devices that let you play with your eyes, so they can have fun with their friends and family. We’re using the power of video games to bring people together, improving quality of life with recreation and rehabilitation.

Battlefy – Find and Organize Esports Tournaments
Whether you are a college club, national esports organization, or brand supporting gamers,  creating and managing a tournament or league has never been easier and more professional.