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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the NASPO Computer Contract?

The Computer Contracts were awarded on April 1, 2015 for two years with a three-year option to renew through March 2020.

How does business through NASPO flow?

  1. An end-user or reseller identifies an opportunity and requests a quote.
  2. The contractor or the purchaser determines the NASPO contract to be an appropriate procurement vehicle to use for the opportunity.
  3. NASPO ValuePoint requires that all orders be placed with ByteSpeed
    Phone: 877-553-0777
    Mail: 3131 24th Ave S., Moorhead, MN 56560
    Fax: 218-227-0498
    Email: (please note it is a NASPO purchase)
  4. ByteSpeed will invoice the end-user.
  5. The end-user accepts shipment.
  6. The Contracting Officer releases payment to ByteSpeed.


Who can use NASPO ValuePoint contracts?

All governmental entities within NASPO states are eligible to use NASPO contracts, if the governmental entities have the legal authority to use their home state’s contracts. Non-NASPO states are generally able to use NASPO contracts if they have followed their own statutory process. If you are unsure about the legal status of an entity, please contact Tim Hay using the contact information below:

NASPO ValuePoint Cooperative Development Coordinator
Voice: 503.428.5705
Email: (best form of contact)


Who’s on 1st – Whose contract is it anyway?

NASPO ValuePoint uses a Lead State model in issuing cooperative solicitations. One of the NASPO states leads the procurement, issues the solicitation, and awards the contracts based on that state’s statutory requirements and processes. The Lead State owns and manages the contract(s). You can find the name of the lead state contact by selecting a contract from the list on the right. Other NASPO states have chosen to participate and have followed each state’s individual statutory processes to provide public notice and permit participation. If you have questions about NASPO you may contact Tim Hay using the contact information above.

*All orders and payments need to be processed directly to ByteSpeed.