The Gravity GameCache is a game install and update caching solution that is ideal for high school and collegiate esports teams, gaming clubs, and LAN parties. The Gravity GameCache can not only reduce your Internet bandwidth consumption when multiple PC gamers share the same Internet connection, it can also help extend your gaming facility open times due to a decreased load on your Internet bandwidth. Need to run an Overwatch update in the middle of practice or skirmish? No problem! The Gravity GameCache will have the whole team playing in a fraction of the time.

– Caches game installs and updates from Steam, RIOT, EPIC, Blizzard, Uplay, and Windows Updates. (Origin is currently excluded)
– Caches game installs and updates on Xbox and PlayStation consoles.
– Download once and the rest of the PCs will pull from the cache, freeing up your Internet for game traffic reducing lag.
– Runs off the open source project, NGINX
– It works by changing the PCs DNS address. If there is ever an issue, simply change the DNS address back and it will be up and running in minutes.
– Benefits deployments of 5 or more. Recommended for deployments of 10+.
– Can be scaled up to work with 100+ machine deployments, as well as 10Gbit Connectivity and NVME Storage
– Simple web GUI Management
– Deployment set-up call included