Virtual Reality for Education

ByteSpeed provides high-performance PCs designed for Virtual Reality in Education with a 5-year warranty and lifetime tech support.

We offer many different options, including the hardware as a stand-alone solution (VR-ready PC and headset), or options bundled with Professional Development (PD) training and/or a VR-Ready Cart.

Please contact our sales team for a customized quote: or 877-553-0777.

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Why VR for Education?

Today’s educators understand it is difficult to reach students in the classroom using the same approach to curriculum and technology as we used yesterday. Immersive tools, such as Virtual Reality, offer educational opportunities you simply cannot get through traditional classroom methods. Immersive experiences nurture learning retention in a way that textbooks and individual student devices cannot compete with.

Virtual Reality provides an experience like no other. Unlike technology we are faced with day in and day out, in which the user’s experiences externally, VR places the user inside the experience itself. You are no longer looking a video of the grand canyon, you are standing there. You are no longer learning about the body in a book, you are travelling through the blood-stream examining cells. Experiences that once were never possible can be made real. In virtual reality you can travel into space. You can stand in front of a dinosaur that hasn’t walked the planet for 65 million years.

Virtual Reality Hardware 

ByteSpeed offers a full turn-key solution that includes  HTC VIVE VR headsets and ByteSpeed VR-ready computers fully set up (that can be used daily for both VR as well as STEM programs, AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, and much more), with a 5-year warranty and free lifetime tech support. We can also install VR apps and software based on your curriculum, and we offer a full training day with a certified trainer at your school with a lab purchase (see PD training info below).

Virtual Reality Hardware + Professional Development Training

ByteSpeed offers a unique Professional Development opportunity which includes Professional Development training, VR-Ready PCs, and HTC VIVE Virtual Reality headsets.  A Certified Teacher Evaluator will provide customized, on-site training with resources of your choice that are aligned with state and federal standards including: science, math, reading, or social studies.
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ByteSpeed’s Professional Development Trainers

ByteSpeed is proud to offer Professional Development Training from the following education trainers across the nation. These trainers will travel to your school for one day of on-site Professional Development Training that is customized around your school’s specific needs.
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Virtual Reality Cart

The ByteSpeed Virtual Reality Cart is designed for classroom convenience. Your VR setup can easily move from room-to-room without having to re-setup VR hardware or calibrate your learning space. 
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Virtual Reality Apps

While new applications are being published every week, we have many examples of applications that are making an impact in education now.
>>Click HERE to see Educational Virtual Reality Applications


Virtual Reality Grant Writing Example

We are proud to assist you in gaining funding for Virtual Reality Programs in your school. Find here and easy to follow grant writing example.
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Virtual Reality References/Testimonials

We encourage you to contact our educational VR references to learn more about our Virtual Reality solution firsthand.  
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Virtual Reality Blog

Check out ByteSpeed’s Virtual Reality Blog.  
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