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ByteSpeed offers a scalable, high performance web caching appliance, CACHEBOX, by Appliansys. 

As a value added reseller, ByteSpeed proudly represents a wide range of manufacturers which enables us to streamline and simplify the procurement process for customers needing solutions from multiple sources. Our trained and certified sales representatives and engineers are ready and willing to help with everything from budgetary pricing to crafting an IT solution that meets customers’ unique requirements.

In addition to technical expertise and competitive pricing, we ensure a secure supply chain, giving customers peace of mind that they are receiving the highest quality products, procured and delivered only through authorized channels.

To learn more about how we can help you achieve your IT objectives, call a ByteSpeed networking expert at 877-553-0777 or email


We pay $87k per month for our 20Mbps Intenet connection. Upgrading to 50Mbps would have cost us $212k per month. CACHEBOX gives us more than 50Mbps at our busiest peak times, but comes with the one-off cost of $8k.”
Dillingham City School District, USA

“Many schools are concerned about https interception and the fact we need to intercept it – it’s jarring for people to go on websites they are familiar with and suddenly get a warning page. Having a solution to deploy https interception easily and informatively is a huge plus, and you guys seem on the ball with this.”
Brandon SD , USA

“We noticed a significant difference in our network year during our online testing.  We fully deployed our cachebox mid-April and up to that point, the slow down was almost daily.  During the most important network time in late April and May, it went off without a hitch.”
Southeast Webster CSD, USA

“It helps with controlling my bandwidth as well as allowing teachers to use YouTube without opening everything up.”

South Harrison County R2 School District, USA

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“We’re getting great results!
I can see exactly how much bandwidth we’re saving across different domains.
Most importantly, students and teachers are noticing a real difference in the classroom.”

-Chris Van Whye, Copper River School District

See Copper River School District Case Study HERE.

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