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FlySense™ Vape Detection & Anti-Bullying

ByteSpeed has partnered with Soter Technologies to provide FlySense™, the real-time vape detection™ solution that gives you control of areas where you cannot place a camera or microphone.

FlySense™ multi-sensor devices are capable of detecting vaping, smoke, and noise disturbances that may suggest violence such as bullying. When the FlySense™ sensor detects vaping signatures or decibel level anomalies caused by bullying, a zero-delay, location-specific alert notification is sent by SMS and/or email to designated school officials.

In 2019, more than 20 deaths and over 1,200 lung injuries were caused by vaping-related illnesses according to the CDC. One Juul pod (used for vaping) is the equivalent to 20 cigarettes. On average, vapers use two Juul (or equivalent brand) pods or cartridges per day. Vaping is not a safer alternative to smoking; it is smoking.

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Click HERE to view a white paper about “The High Cost of Vaping in Schools: Destruction on a Generational Scale.”

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