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The Future of Everything – A Look Ahead for Esports and XR Educational Technologies – May 27 @ 1pm CST
Explore the fascinating potential of collaborative team oriented esports and deeply immersive XR experiences to engage students and create compelling learning opportunities across educational programs. This workshop is designed for educational leaders and teachers in K-12, Higher Ed, and Nonprofits who want to understand the esports and VR / AR landscapes and develop a strategic vision for the implementation of these cutting edge technologies. We will identify devices and platforms, content examples, emerging practices, and pedagogical underpinnings. Join us to see best practices to rock your classroom!
Speakers: Josh Knutson, ByteSpeed’s Esports and VR Solutions Director, and Corinne Hoisington, Professor of Information Systems Technology 

Building a Server Without Over-Building – May 28 @ 10am CST
This webinar will cover a way of thinking about CPU, memory and storage in a server. We will speak about how it can affect licensing in the long run and about different RAID levels and how they function.
Speaker: Robert Ogan, ByteSpeed Lead Server Engineer

Taking Advantage of the Healthcare Connect Fund with Juniper Networks – June 1 @ 11am CST
Join us for an informational session designed to provide insight into the FCC’s Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) program. Juniper Networks and ByteSpeed are streamlining the process to help rural healthcare providers find and secure FCC funding for eligible networking equipment and services. By partnering with Juniper Networks and ByteSpeed, qualified rural healthcare providers can:

• Receive a 65% subsidy on all eligible infrastructure equipment and services
• Expedite the filing process by avoiding the competitive bidding process (due to exemption status)
• Deliver and reliable and secure network experience to drive technology advancement and improved digital engagement with patients

Amazon Web Services AppStream 2.0 Webinar Demo – June 2 @ 10am CST
In today’s remote learning and 1:1 environments, schools struggle with delivering learning software to students. This can include Adobe CC, AutoDesk, and Project Lead the Way. Amazon AppStream 2.0 solves that by allowing the students to run any software on any device. With schools being pushed into remote learning, how do they take care of all student and curriculum needs? AppStream 2.0, that’s how!

With Amazon AppStream 2.0, students access the applications they need for class through any computer. It doesn’t matter whether they’re using Macs, Chromebooks, or PCs, or whether they’re in the classroom, the library, or at home. AppStream 2.0 streams your applications from AWS to any computer.

This webinar will be presented by Darin Cook, CEO of SynchroNet, and Joe Wakeman, Director of Technology at Nevada Community School District.

Benefits of Amazon AppStream 2.0:
• Provide students the applications they need
• Let students learn anytime from anywhere
• Always have access to a computer lab
• Easily manage your class applications
• Reduce your IT spending
• Deliver distance learning

Managing Multi-OS Devices in an Era of Schools Without Walls – June 3 @ 10am CST
The need to manage devices outside the schools walls and network has become a necessity FileWave will share how district staff can manage all OS types from the outside to ensure students, admins and all other staff continue to receive the support they need while ensuring they remain secure.

FileWave Officer (Stephen Mirante) will take you through an overview of how FileWave has been empowering district IT staff for over 20 years. FileWave continues to lead the industry providing education institutions around the world with enterprise level, multi-platform device management software to assist IT teams throughout the lifecycle process of imaging, deployment, management, tracking and maintenance. FileWave’s all-inclusive, highly scalable software solves the many challenges of managing a diverse and growing population of users, devices, and content by ensuring IT teams have a comprehensive solution that supports both client (desktop/laptop) and mobile devices across Windows, macOS, iOS/iPadOS, tvOS, Android, and Chrome.

Businesses Buy the Wrong Computers (& It Costs Them a Ton of Money) – June 3 @ 11am CST
Speakers: Kevin Andrews, Senior Technical Engineer; Josh Knutson, Esports and VR Solutions Director; and Robert Ogan, Head of Servers and Infrastructure 

  • Questions tech leaders should be asking about hardware and which features are most important to consider
  • What different industries and specializations need to evaluate when shopping for new hardware
  • How to lower long-term acquisition and ownership costs

Getting the Most Out of Bandwidth & Caching – June 4 @ 10am CST
Turbo charging your WAN by utilizing a web cache. How caching can be a much better alternative to more bandwidth to increasing speed of content in the classroom. Speaker: Robert Ogan, ByteSpeed Lead Server Engineer

Storage/Backup – June 11 @ 10am CST
This webinar will cover the following topics:
• SANs and Backups: Providing a Flexible and Resilient Storage Solution
• Discuss SAN topologies
• Discuss SAN features – Eg. Snapshots, VMware Integration
• Implementing a Resilient SAN
• Discuss Backups and Data Redundancy
Speakers: Bill Hartog, ByteSpeed Infrastructure Engineer, and Andy Benson, ByteSpeed Network Administrator

Building a High-Availability Cluster – June 18 @ 10am CST
This webinar will cover the following topics:
• Basics of Virtualization
• Replica vs HA Cluster
• How to build/design HA Cluster
• Basics of Hyperconverged
• Backups
Speaker: Andy Benson, ByteSpeed Network Administrator

Click the titles below to view recordings of previous webinars: 

Network Design 101 – May 21 @ 10am CST
This webinar will cover the following topics:
• The differences between a Layer 2 and a Layer 3 switch, and how each switch has its place in the network.
• How we can use the functionality of these switches to isolate systems and the pro/cons of a Layer 2 network versus a Layer 3 network.
• Security and how to use Access Control Lists (also called firewall rules) to enhance security and improve performance. Finally we will briefly discuss different management capabilities.
Speaker: Andy Benson, ByteSpeed Network Administrator

What’s new in Wireless: WIFI 6 & 6GHZ Band – May 14 @ 10am CST
This webinar will cover the following topics:
• WIFI 6 (802.11AX) Intro and features
• News on the new 6GHZ Spectrum
• Looking into the future of WIFI
Speaker: Bill Hartog, ByteSpeed Infrastructure Engineer

Microsoft Teams in Education Roundtable Webinar – May 13 @ 10am CST
ByteSpeed’s roundtable discussion to learn how to build collaborative classrooms, connect in professional learning communities, and connect with colleagues when you get Office 365 – which includes Microsoft Teams and is free for your entire school. Microsoft Teams allows you to engage students with virtual face-to-face connections and activities. Microsoft Teams is free for students and teachers with a valid school email address. This webinar is designed for instructors or IT teams who are new to Office 365. It is NOT a technical deep dive.
Webinar speakers include:
– Lucas Hulne, ByteSpeed’s CTO
– Sheila Morgan, Technology and Professional Development Coordinator at Stanley Community Schools in North Dakota
– Shandi Camino, Junior Math Teacher at Stanley Community Schools in North Dakota
– Amanda Fox-Levandowski, Business and Education Solutions Specialist at Microsoft

ByteSpeed Esports 101 Webinar – April 28, 2020
This webinar discusses all things esports and how ByteSpeed and Tierney can help you start your esports program! Starting an esports program is a great way to get more students involved in an interactive, skill-building, in-school activity. Participants gain confidence, grow friendships and develop skills that will help them in school and beyond. Speaker: Josh Knutson, ByteSpeed’s Esports Solutions Director and former Head Coach/Program Director for the University of Jamestown Esports.

ByteSpeed/Up360 CareerLabsVR Webinar with Harrison Olajos – April 28, 2020
This webinar explores ByteSpeed’s newest mobile VR suite for CTE Careers, featuring CareerLabsVR by Up360 & EEC. CareerLabsVR gives job seekers a hands-on opportunity to explore in-demand careers from any location, using the immersive power of virtual reality. With so many limitations around vocational job site visits for safety reasons, job exploration in these fields is more difficult than ever. CareerLabsVR is tackling this challenge head on by not only offering job site visits, but also career training. Their career list includes vocations such as welding, machinist, plumber, and electrician. This webinar featured Josh Knutson, ByteSpeed’s Virtual Reality Solutions Director. Webinar attendees were entered to win a ByteSpeed Gaming PC, valued at $1,200!

ByteSpeed Anti-Vaping Webinar with FlySense and Ruckus – January 20, 2020
This webinar offers a closer look at how FlySense™ technology can easily keep your environment vape free. Attendees learn about integration into your existing network, notification system, API integrations, and real life use-cases. This webinar featured Erik Heinrich, Global EDU Sr. Manager Business Development at Ruckus Networks. 

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